6 Grants for Housing That You Need to Know About

4. Rent Assistance

Another housing solution that is available to individuals is rent assistance. This housing grant is a non-taxable income boost paid to eligible individuals that live in community housing or those who reside in the private rental market. Other individuals that are considered eligible for this housing program include those whose base rate of Family Tax Benefit is above the base rate and pensioners.

To qualify for this grant, a family or an individual has to qualify for an acceptable social security or have an income support supplement. Additionally, persons or families should be able to pay more than the minimum amount of rent, otherwise known as the rent threshold. There are persons who cannot qualify for this program such as those who pay rent to a government housing authority. Additionally, you cannot qualify for this program if you own or intend to buy the home in which you reside. Other persons that don’t qualify for this grant are those that have a partner that receive his or her Family Tax Benefit together with Rent Assistance.