14 Free Grants Available Right Now

We all need help every once in a while. For some of us, grants can be the perfect life jacket that saves us from drowning in debt. For others, free money can provide that extra push to see dreams become a reality.

There are many grants available and each one has a different objective. The government offers funding both on a federal level and state level. Private institutions and charities both commonly provide grants. Additionally, there are numerous entities that provide targeted grants aimed at specific demographics.

One of the main purposes of grants is to create a more egalitarian society by helping disenfranchised individuals. With that said, the two main groups that get most of the focus are women and minorities.

1. Grants for Women

Over the past couple decades, female led businesses have more than doubled, and today, they account for around half the labor force in the US. Yet, women still face plenty of discrimination at the corporate level. Only 1 in 5 c-level executives is female. What’s more, given that women are tasked with the responsibility of child-rearing, some find it difficult to make ends meet. This is especially true for single parents. Women who can afford to raise their children usually find that their responsibilities as a parent can impede their professional prospects. So, to remedy this problem, there are several grants for women.

grants for women