9 Best Grants for Women

Small businesses face a myriad of challenges when it comes to operating capital and other resources. Hence, numerous organizations have been started over the years to assist small business owners with financial help in terms of cash grants and other resources. This article will focus on business grants for women-owned enterprises. While you can find these grants in the form of cash grants or cheap business loans for women, cash grants are most common. Here are the nine best grants for women.

1. The Halstead Grant

This is one of the best business grants for women. The Halstead Grant was founded in 2006 as a grant for women who were starting small businesses in the jewelry industry. The grant is offered to emerging women jewelry designers in the US, particularly aimed for businesses less than three years old. Those that apply must be ready to answer a wide variety of questions regarding the strategies and goals of their businesses. Winners get an award of $7,500 cash grant, publicity in the jewelry industry, and $1,000 of Halstead jewelry supplies. The great thing about this grant is that it offers feedback regarding the business plans of the businesses that fail to get the grant.